We are RedKeds
creative agency.

Yes, we are Russian. But don’t panic we are not going to hack your emails.

We at Red Keds are full of bright ideas born out of work and planning

So what can we say about ourselves? Well, firstly, we have been part of the Russian advertising market since 2005. We have the experience and the knowledge! We strive, yes strive to find the best and most creative solutions to meet your needs.

So what do we do? We do many things – generate ideas, conduct strategic research, design and create great advertising, blah, blah, blah… the bottom line is that we’re respected in the market, we’re respected in social media circles and if we work with you… you are going to love us too.

We employ over 60 specialists… the most beautiful girls and guys (Victoria Secret models don’t have anything on our ladies but more importantly they create the best and most innovative ideas for our customers).

We have a vision, a vision built on mix of structural and systematic approaches and thinking outside of the box… it all sounds technical, we know, but we want you to know that we are down to earth but adventurous too!


We want to be
the most creative
team in the world



Vitaly Bykov
Vasily Lebedev
Oleg Zilberg
Eugene Stroynov



Strategic planning

Nowadays, the advertising market is very competitive, complex and more interactive than ever before. Our environment is changing and we are too – the way we communicate, the way we shop, the way we play. New online services, new gadgets, social media sites such as Youtube all generate and satisfy our customers’ demands. Attracting a consumer’s attention has to be more innovative and we need to diversify to catch our customer’s attention. Therefore, when creating an advertising product, we need to research and understand our clients’ environment, understand their needs and potential growth. Through this vision we provide clients with brand strategy and development, including: communication strategy, UX strategy, creative strategy, digital media strategy, creative branding and rebranding, web analyses, digital campaign evaluation.


Our main departments are, of course, our creative departments. We create concepts, develop sites, prints, games, social network and mobile apps, viral TV/radio/Internet advertising scripts and integrate our Russian spirit and creative drive. We use our best talents to promote you and your product in the most original and innovative way on the Russian market.


Art and design are not necessarily the same things. Our work is a combination of skill and self-expression. Design should be useful, bright, clear, witty, effective, innovative and technological. Design conveys ideas as well as being functional for people. Our basic belief is to meet the needs of the customer not only the brand itself.

Social Media

Fewer and fewer people are looking at traditional media for information. Therefore, social media has become an essential part of any advertising campaign. Social Media advertising has been lately effective in capturing target audiences. This is due to precise that social media allows in communicating directly with a consumer. With the help of communication strategies in social media you can strengthen customer loyalty, get feed-back, inform the TA about your new products, and ultimately, boost sales and increase brand recognition.